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Having a baby is an exciting and busy time. There are so many things to consider, lots of things change and continue to change with each stage of raising a child. All too often the furry ‘child’ that has been the center of your world for so long now comes in a distant second to the preparations and planning that consume your attention. Many parents make a choice, the baby or the dog, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Adequately prepping your dog for the arrival of your baby will help the dog adjust and accept your new little bundle when he/she arrives. Here are three suggestions to help make a smooth transition for your pet;

  1. Make sure your dog knows and obeys basic commands; sit, stay, down, and off. If you haven’t trained your dog on basic commands and don’t feel you have the time or energy, contact a local dog trainer to help with this task. I guarantee you will not regret it. By routinely using commands to help your dog understand boundaries, you are reinforcing your position as leader of the pack. Start now, and it will be second nature by the time your baby arrives.
  2. Introduce your dog to the sounds and smells of babies. Rattles, music, even baby lotions and shampoos. Pair those things with treats and your dog will have a positive association of them when your baby arrives.
  3. If your dog tends to have a jealous nature, hold a doll or stuffed animal wrapped in a baby blanket as though it were your own child. Talk to it, sing to it, kiss it. If your dog shows signs of anxiety or stress with your activity, make him/her sit and stay while assuring him/her with affirmative words and even treats until it becomes natural and ‘ok’ to the dog that you are showing attention to someone else.

When your baby comes home your dog will still need some time to adjust. Try to find a little time to walk or play with your pet. If that isn’t feasible in the first few months, ask a neighbor kid or dog walker to help with that until you are ready to work it into your routine again. Remember, your dog doesn’t understand why everything has suddenly changes in his/her life, but most dogs are very capable of adapting if given a little direction.


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